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Wild Woman


Wild Women addresses the war within by uncovering the roles women are forced to live in. We go from being our fathers’ daughters to our husbands’ wives to our children's mothers, never knowing or even asking what we want for ourselves. We tend to lose and sacrifice who we really are. We feel lost, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This can even transfer into our professional lives. We think that in order to be successful in a man’s world we have to adopt more masculine traits and play a role. To be effective, we must become hard; to progress, we must have control; to be powerful, we must be aggressive. But by complying with these attributes, we lose our femininity and are unaware of the harm that we are doing to our sense of self.

This book helps you rediscover and reconnect to your true essence to become the Wild Woman that you have always been: one that is mythical, matriarchal and intuitive. This woman embodies a sense of Pride, Presence and Productivity. She takes back her power by infusing these ideologies into her lifestyle, allowing herself to say no, set boundaries and ask for what she wants. She puts herself first. The result: a feminine, fun, fulfilled and fearless woman.


Finally break the cycle of self-sabotage, self-abuse and seeking outside acknowledgment for your worth, enough-ness and wholeness. You will experience the power of looking within, self-healing and unlocking your own feminine power to unleash your Wild Woman. This is a powerful and transformational journey back to yourself and owning what has always been inside of you.


Feel whole, graceful and able to express your fun, sexy and empowered self NOW

  • Having an image that speaks for you is crucial to your success.
  • Intoxicate others with a presence that is graceful, fierce and electric—the mark of a Wild Woman.
  • Take initiative for your own life and make it your best friend.
  • Own a sense of resourcefulness to catapult yourself into your focused future.
  • Entrepreneurship is the answer to owning the life of your dreams.
  • Productivity is the answer of service. It's what fulfillment is made of.
  • #CuntLife™ is for the woman who wants to do the work. Know your pussy, know your power!
  • Let your Pride guide you to greatness.
  • Being a woman of Influence will be your Genius.
  • Have an Icon Legacy!